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  • Decreases soil compaction
  • Improve water penetration /less water usage
  • Improve drought resistance

EnviroCal is a source of ionised calcium, that makes incremental changes quickly and easily to the soil structure and plant metabolism.

Biodynamic N

  • Facilitates the biological fixation of nitrogen from the atmosphere for plant utilisation.
  • Uniform pasture growth and cover.
  • Requires less application for equal/better results than commonly used Urea.

Microbes are applied to soils in a foliar application. The microbes biologically fix Nitrogen from the atmosphere, which can then be used by the plants.


  • Activates natural growth and defence mechanisms within plants
  • Increases the communication speed of genetic messages within plants
  •  Increases the natural resistance of plants to diseases and pests

    Naturally accelerate the growth of young plants while strengthening their ability to respond to stress factors.


  • Protection of plants from insects, disease and water stress
  •  Improved uptake of phosphates and other minerals
  • Improved soil texture and water holding capacity

Give your soil the activated silicon it needs to make every other element you apply available for plants to absorb.


  • Protection of plants against cold, heat and drought
  • Improved plant health
  • Optimum photosynthesis
  • Enhanced flowering and retention


Apply concentrated minerals to trigger natural defence and growth enzymes within plants and provide a number of benefits.


  • Recovery of plants damaged by herbicides and chemical spray
  •  Optimal and balanced growth of plants
  • Plants less susceptible to alternative yields

Balance the minute mineral deficiencies in soil that traditional chemicals and fertilisers create to promote optimal growth.

Crop Candy

  • Optimum photosynthesis
  •  Enhanced flowering and retention
  •  Increased metabolism


Naturally minimise stress, optimise amino acid levels and initiate flowering in plants to ensure even fruit sets.

ERGO CALF Shed Spray

  • Improves Respiratory Health.
  •  Decrease Calf Mortality.
  •  Reduce Ammonia.


High pressure biological spray targeting calf pens and sheds, without the requirement to remove livestock.

ECO Flush

  •  Improves Pond Health.
  •  Reduces Solids.
  • Reduces Pond Smell. 

When effluent is irrigated back onto the farm in its raw form, the bacteria in the soil have to work harder to break it down so plants can absorb it.

GSR Calcium

  • Decreases soil compaction
  • Improve water penetration /less water usage
  • Improve drought resistance

Reintroduce oxygen to your soil and bring its microbiology back to life with ionised calcium.


  • Greater energy release within cells, during cell division and enlargement, and photosynthesis
  • Increased mineral content
  • Vigorous and rapid growth

Reignite degraded soil, provide phosphates to increase production and decrease the need for traditional chemicals.


  • Facilitates the movement of nutrients
  • Improves efficiency of applied nutrient
  •  Allows farmers to increase the uptake of minerals and elements that plants normally find difficult

Speed up the application of essential minerals by using a liquid uptake enhancer that applies them directly to cells.