Our Story

We’re bringing these products to New Zealand because the science just makes sense.

And we’ve seen it too with customers reporting increases in quality and yield and a reduction in costs almost instantly. Some say it sounds like magic. But we just call it ‘Growing Innovation’.

Agraforum’s global story begins over 25 years ago with the discovery in Germany of a unique plant extract with application potential in the agricultural industry. It was given the name ComCat® (made from the words ‘communication’ and ‘catalyzation’) and many years of intensive research have confirmed the application’s potential.

Here at Agraforum New Zealand, it all started with Allan Piercy, a rural vet with an inkling that poor animal health and reproduction rates could be related to low-quality feed and soil structure.

After scouring the world looking for new and improved ways for Kiwi farmers to grow better outcomes, Allan discovered ComCat® and then GSR Calcium and it snowballed from there.

Our products and service deliver enhanced results beyond the norm. Suitable for use on dairy farms, crop farms and orchards, our full spectrum of products provide a total solution from beneath the ground up. Farmers around the world rely on Agraforum products to improve soil structure, reduce the need for so much fert and irrigation, toughen up plants and crops, make them grow better and produce more feed of higher quality.

Part of what we do is for the good of the land. It’s a great country we have here and beyond the ongoing economic benefits, Agraforum products have compliance and environmental pluses as well. But mainly, we just want farmers to see better results through products firmly rooted in proven science.