Our People

Allan Piercy – Managing Director

Allan grew up that quintessential rural Kiwi kid, spending holidays on his uncle’s sheep and beef farm. While studying and qualifying to be a Vet at Massey University in the early 1980s, he made money selling possum skins and venison. In fact, the bush is still a place you’ll often find Allan to this day.

Allan worked in rural practice in South Taranaki for 20 years before moving to Mid Canterbury where he went on to head a large veterinary practice mainly involving large animals. His main veterinary interest and work has involved dairy cattle, particularly around preventive medicine and a focus on economic return for the farmer/client.

It was during this time Allan had a realisation that many of the problems he saw originated from poor nutrition caused by low quality food being grown in poor soil structure that necessitated increased fertiliser inputs to produce enough dry matter.

Cropping and other types of farming were also facing similar issues and so over a period of 10 years Allan worked on solutions to correct the cause of the problem, namely poor soil structure especially soil compaction.

Agraforum NZ was formed in 2007 with two other partners and has developed and grown slowly as different products were found and proven around the world to correct these problems.

“My motto is, correct the cause of a problem, don’t continue to treat the symptoms when the whole problem can be eliminated.” – Allan Piercy

Mobile: 0274 485 159
Email: allan@agraforum.co.nz

Mike Hende – Products Manager

Mike’s experience in our industry spans over two decades, and has seen him focus on the health and wellbeing of some of our finest exports. Having previously worked for Greenfields Co-operative, the six-year stint as an animal health representative for Schering that followed eventually ended with Mike choosing to return to one of his first passions – dairy farming.

As a dairy farm assistant manager, he was no stranger to being out there in the paddock. He’s seen first hand the impact soil health has on overall yield and stock results. And before joining us, he worked for one of New Zealand’s largest Angus Studs.

For the last few years, Mike’s focus has been on soil health and the impact of fertilisers. But when he’s not out there with our clients, you’ll likely find him on the track or field coaching rugby and athletics.

Mobile: 027 576 7744
Email: mike@agraforum.co.nz

Morgan Lindsay - Area Manager

With a career spanning over a decade, Morgan Lindsay is a seasoned professional, rooted in the rural landscapes of Otago Southland. Having grown up on a sheep and beef farm in Southland, his journey led him from the quaint town of Balclutha to exploring Europe for two years with his now-wife Sarah. Two stints in Australia and two years mining in Mcrae’s gold mine added diverse layers to Morgan’s experiences.

For the past 11 years, Morgan has been deeply involved in rural farm sales, specializing in agronomy, bringing a wealth of knowledge to those navigating the intricacies of agricultural transactions. At the heart of his bustling life are his three children – Max, Zoe, and Van – and his wife Sarah, an accountant, creating a tight-knit family bond. Beyond his professional pursuits, Morgan finds joy in outdoor activities like golf, cricket, and the exhilarating freedom of jet skiing. Join Morgan Lindsay on his journey through Otago Southland, where a passion for the land, family values, and a love for the outdoors define his well-lived life. 

Mobile: 0275670989

Email: morgan@agraforum.co.nz

Robert Piercy - Area Manager

With a background rooted in construction, Robert Piercey brings a distinctive perspective to the team at Agraforum. His journey contains a blend of hands-on experience and a passion for cultivating the land.

Robert’s construction expertise, cultivated over years in the industry, has now found its way into the agricultural landscape at Agraforum. His commitment to mastering the trade is evident, drawing parallels to his hands-on approach in crop management, soil testing, and herbage testing.

Beyond the work environment, Robert is a nature enthusiast. His love for the outdoors extends to activities like pig hunting and fishing. These pursuits not only showcase his adventurous spirit but contribute to an understanding of the ecosystems he engages with.

Mobile: 0273 706 512

Email: robert@agraforum.co.nz