ECO Flush

Pond Management.

Healthier and cleaner ponds,  Breaking down crusts, Reduces solids in ponds, Reduces harmful pathogens, (E Coli, Camplyobacter, Salmonella), Reduces pond smell

ECO FLUSH at a glance

Improves Pond Health.

Reduces Solids.

Breaks Down Crusts.

Reduces Pond Smell.


When effluent is irrigated back onto the farm in its raw form, the bacteria in the soil have to work harder to break it down so plants can absorb it. Even worse, pathogens are discharged onto the pasture. However, when effluent is treated in a pond with Eco Flush first, the breakdown process is already underway so that nitrates and phosphates are metabolised. It leaves effluent ponds odour-free and breaks down crusts, making them more pleasant and healthier.