Our Process

Suitable for use on dairy farms, crop farms and orchards, our full spectrum of products offers a total solution, from beneath the ground, up.​

But timing and application are critical to success, which is why ours is a total product and service package.

The Process

We understand farmers feel there’s risk involved in trying something different. But there’s also the possibility of great success. And when you do it the Agraforum way, it’s neither daunting, costly or difficult to change things up. That’s one of the great things about our products; they’re not here to replace your current fert or chemical regime, just supercharge it and make it cost less.

Relied on by farmers around the world, Agraforum products are designed to increase quality and yield and reduce costs. We have products to toughen up plants and crops, make them grow better and produce more feed of higher quality. We even have a revolutionary calcium product that addresses the root cause of many soil problems.

We come to your farm, help identify any challenges or opportunities to maximise yield, then solve it by not only supplying the right products but mixing and applying them too. That way you’ll know it’s right. We’ll also work with you to monitor ongoing progress to make sure you’re getting the results you hoped for.