Enhancing Nutrient Management: Ashburton’s Agraforum NZ and the Tow and Fert Advantage

In the agriculture sector Agraforum NZ stands out as a pioneer in adopting cutting-edge products and technologies to enhance their nutrient management program. Among the arsenal of tools at their disposal, the Tow and Fert range of Liquid Foliar Spray machines has proven to be a game-changer.

A key feature of the Tow and Fert machines is their ability to handle high water rates, a crucial factor when working with products like El-I-Tech’s Biodynamic N. Agraforum NZ attests to the efficacy of Tow and Fert machines. Some farmers have even taken the initiative to invest in their own Tow and Fert machines, highlighting their reliability and versatility.

“We do use Tow and Fert machines to put our products on as well as other spray systems. Tow and Ferts are good for high water rates as needed with Bio N and some farmers own their own.” – Allan Piercy, Managing Director, Agraforum NZ

One standout capability of Tow and Fert machines is their proficiency in dissolving solid nutrients in the tank. This ensures a homogenous mixture, allowing for precise application of nutrients. Furthermore, these machines excel in keeping ultra-fine particle fertilisers suspended in liquid, ensuring uniform coverage across crops.

Regardless of the season, Agraforum NZ values the year-round utility offered by the Tow and Fert range. The machines contribute to a quick return on investment, showcasing their economic viability for farmers. The versatility of Tow and Fert extends beyond nutrient application, offering a comprehensive solution for various aspects of crop management.

By adopting Tow and Fert for their nutrient management program, Agraforum NZ aims to not only maximise efficiency in fertiliser utilisation but also contribute to environmental sustainability. The precision in application reduces fertiliser wastage, leading to cost savings for farmers and minimising the environmental impact.

In conclusion, Agraforum NZ’s strategic integration of Tow and Fert sprayers into their operations underscores the importance of innovative solutions in modern agriculture. The Tow and Fert range emerges as a reliable ally for farmers, providing versatility, efficiency, and economic benefits in their quest for optimal nutrient management.

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