Christchurch-based Agraforum: Pioneering ‘Growing Innovation’ in New Zealand’s Agriculture

In the heart of New Zealand’s agricultural landscape, Agraforum is revolutionizing farming practices with scientifically-backed products designed to transform yields and reduce costs. With a foundation rooted in over 25 years of global research, Agraforum’s journey began with the discovery of ComCat®, a unique plant extract with immense potential in the agricultural industry.

Agraforum’s story in New Zealand began with Allan Piercy, a rural vet who had a vision that poor animal health and reproduction rates could be linked to low-quality feed and soil structure. This vision laid the foundation for Agraforum’s growth. His pursuit for innovative solutions led him to ComCat® and GSR Calcium, setting the stage for Agraforum’s transformative impact on Kiwi farms.

The company’s growth was accelerated when Doug, Allan’s close associate, invested $5,000 into Agraforum. Inspired by the success of ComCat® in South Africa, Allan and his friends, Smithy and Mitch, decided to take the plunge. They acquired the rights for ComCat® in New Zealand and Australia, and the journey of “Growing Innovation” had begun.

Agraforum’s product range encompasses solutions for dairy farms, crop farms, and orchards, providing a holistic approach from below the ground up. The results are nothing short of remarkable, with farmers worldwide attesting to improved soil structure, reduced reliance on fertilizers and irrigation, and fortified crops that yield higher quality produce. As Allan puts it, their products make plants “grow stronger, better, and produce a bigger yield.”

One unique aspect of Agraforum is their dedication to research and testing. Before recommending any product, they thoroughly assess the soil’s condition and provide tailored solutions, ensuring that only what’s necessary is offered. Agraforum isn’t just about making profits; it’s about making a difference for farmers and the environment.

In essence, Agraforum’s journey is a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration in agriculture. Their vision of sustainable, science-driven farming is not just about growing crops; it’s about growing the future. With their commitment to “Growing Innovation,” Agraforum is not only changing the way we farm but also our perspective on what’s possible in agriculture.

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