Agraforum New Zealand Highlights EnviroCal for Soil Aeration and Compaction Solutions

Agraforum New Zealand, a leader in agricultural innovation, today emphasised the benefits of EnviroCal over traditional mechanical aeration for soil compaction management. Soil compaction is a significant issue affecting crop productivity by limiting root growth, water infiltration, and nutrient absorption. Effective soil aeration is crucial for sustainable agriculture, as it enhances these essential processes. Agraforum’s research and development have led to the development of EnviroCal, a superior solution that addresses soil compaction through chemical means, offering a sustainable, efficient, and long-lasting improvement in soil health.

EnviroCal: The Non-Physical Solution

EnviroCal utilises free unbound calcium to create aeration, unlike bound calcium in lime and gypsum. This approach works quickly, showing results within 4-6 weeks, and offers long-lasting effects without the need for physical intervention. By improving soil structure and reducing compaction, EnviroCal enhances root growth, water infiltration, and nutrient absorption.

The Science Behind EnviroCal

EnviroCal leverages the unique properties of free unbound calcium ions. When applied to the soil, these calcium ions displace magnesium, potassium or sodium ions and bind with soil particles, promoting flocculation. This process helps to create larger soil aggregates, enhancing soil structure and porosity. Improved soil porosity allows for better air and water movement within the soil, which is crucial for healthy root development and efficient nutrient uptake. This scientific mechanism differentiates EnviroCal from traditional calcium sources like lime and gypsum, where calcium is  bound and electrically neutralised and less effective in altering soil structure. By increasing available calcium, this also adjusts the electrical charge of soil colloids, promoting aggregation and improving soil health.

Allan Piercy, Directing Manager of Agraforum New Zealand, stated, “EnviroCal offers a non-physical, effective solution for soil compaction, ensuring sustainable soil health. Our focus is to provide farmers with efficient and environmentally friendly options for optimal soil management.”

Mechanical Aeration: A Labour-Intensive and Less Sustainable Approach

While mechanical aeration provides immediate results by physically creating small holes in the soil, it is temporary because you haven’t changed the under lying cause, is  labour-intensive and requires frequent repetition, making it less sustainable. The method involves using tools like aerators or tillers to break up compacted soil, allowing air, water, and nutrients to penetrate more effectively. However, the benefits are often short-lived, especially in soils prone to recurrent compaction where the problem is lack of  the correct electrical polarity on the individual soil colloids.

Advantages of EnviroCal:

1. Quick Results: Effective within 4-6 weeks.

2. Sustained Aeration: Long-lasting improvement without the need for repeated physical interventions.

3. Soil Health: Promotes a healthy, well-aerated soil structure which is essential for root growth, nutrient absorption and microbial activity.

4. Environmental Benefits: Reduces the need for frequent mechanical disruption, preserving soil integrity and promoting ecological balance.

Dr Gordon Rajendram, soil scientist, adds, “Understanding the importance of free unbound calcium in soil aeration is key. EnviroCal stands out as a superior solution for long-term soil health and productivity. Unlike mechanical aeration, EnviroCal provides a more enduring solution that supports continuous soil improvement and reduces the need for constant intervention.”

About Agraforum New Zealand

By promoting the use of EnviroCal, Agraforum aims to equip farmers with the best tools and knowledge to improve soil management practices. This commitment to sustainable agriculture ensures that New Zealand’s farmers can achieve higher productivity while maintaining environmental integrity.

To find out more, give Allan a call and he can discuss the benefits of EnviroCal and how it can enhance your farming operation.

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