Jul 06
Significant root growth with Comcat

ComCat supports soil health

Agraforum understands that establishing new crops can be difficult due to environmental challenges that are out of our control. However, there is a way with Agraforum. ComCat supports soil health by protecting young plants while boosting their growth rate naturally.

We call it ComCat 

Comcat takes care of the initial stages of plant life. ComCat builds resilience in young crops against disease and other stress factors in plants. No need for Nitrogen usage  that can harm yield down the track, Agraforums’ ComCat is and  organic solution which will have your crops bolting away for the new season ahead. Better quality plants means quality feed and better animal health outcomes.

Taking care of crops during the initial stages of life are essential when it comes to ensuring a successful season. Just like us, plants are much more susceptible to disease and other stress factors when they’re young. But rather than relying on nitrogen that can harm yield down the track, ComCat offers an organic solution.

Check out the full information about ComCat by clicking on this link

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