Jun 14
GSR Calcium

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Establishing a high yielding, high quality pasture or crop starts with healthy soils. Just like a winning season starts with a successful pre- season, the soil has to be fit at the very start to optimize a successful crop or pasture.

Our science based products have seen proven results both here in New Zealand and internationally.

Our specialist products have been developed over time to produce the optimum results for different sectors within the agricultural industry.

For this blog post we will be featuring one of our eight products.

GSR Calcium

Our soils that we rely on for all of agriculture are not “living” anymore. The quality of our soil is not anywhere near what it was 200 years ago. In that short period of time we have altered the properties of our soil through excess nitrates, sulphates, sodium, magnesium, potassium and salts. Any sprays such as herbicides and insecticides have had a negative effect on the electrical properties of the soil.

The anaerobic environment of our soil is so degraded that a lot of our farmlands suffer from soil compaction where air-breathing microbiology is unavailable and the circle of life grinds to a halt.

GSR calcium stimulates growth of soil microbes in the soil allowing increased root and leaf growth. GSR Calcium builds the cell walls in plants making for a more healthy and resistant plant. Increases sugar content and overall plant health resulting in higher feed quality. Crops need less water due to better water penetration in the soil.

Healthy, fertile soils drive pasture productivity and deliver environmental benefits through improved water and nutrient use with less risk of surface run-off, erosion and deep drainage.

GSR Calcium is just one product in our stable of soil enriching products. For more information on how our products can help your soil, contact us or give us a call on 0800 488 118 and we can make an appointment to visit with you on farm.


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