May 10
Significant root growth with Comcat

Let it rain!

Dry resistant farms start and end with Healthy soil and that doesn’t occur by accident. When farming practices cause imbalance and destruction to soil biology, chemistry and physics, its natural ability to heal and produce healthy plants is greatly decreased.

Healthy soil can handle heavy rains and dry spells
Compaction of soil limits its ability to absorb and hold larger volumes of water during heavy rains, causing run off concerns. When we flocculate the soil it is better able to manage water saturations more effectively. It is also able to hold and retain moisture/water in larger volumes, ready for a dry spell.

Healthy soil resists erosion and nutrient loss
Erosion is caused by an unbalanced polarity of soil clay colloids. Minimizing nutrient loss starts with products from Agraforum by incorporating plant residues into the aerobic zone of the soil allowing soil microbes to effectively break down trash and recycle nutrients.

When plant residue is left on the top of the soil, the soil will oxidize, resulting in nutrients loss. Compacted soil which isn’t aerobic.

Healthy soil produces high quality crops without needing more fertiliser
Plant nutrition is based on the plant’s ability to fix minerals from the soil into its tissues and create high sugar content. Well-engineered soil with the scientifically proven products from Agraforum which is balanced and properly managed, will provide the energy and nutrients to support this creation of higher sugar content so the plant has its own store of energy to be able to complete its functions and reproduce. Over time as  soil conditions correct, the more able the soil becomes to self-provide and the less need there is for ‘additives’ to achieve a healthy crop with a good yield.

Enriched quality soil for farms
Right now we are experiencing unusually dry conditions, Or is it unusual? Talk to the team today about how our products can minimize plant stress during these periods

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